Revolutionizing the Way Online Learning is Perceived


Personalized Learning

Craft a customized educational journey for each learner utilizing LESA's web-based LMS.


Easy Integration

Our array of digital learning instruments is congruent with widely-used applications, such as CRMs and ERPs.


Process Automation

We alleviate the workload on administrators and educators by automating various procedures.

Your next-gen
Online LMS platform

LESA LMS develops a comprehensive suite of educational tools aimed at delivering an enhanced learning experience. The sturdy learning platform facilitates seamless integration with your current systems, curtails expenses, and boosts efficiency - all under one roof!


Engage your Learners

Provide captivating and interactive education through LESA LMS. The tailored and gamified SaaS-driven LMS presents an enveloping learning journey.


Mobile-first Learning

LESA LMS is an eLearning platform that prioritizes mobile accessibility, responsiveness, and interactivity. With the mobile app, learners have the advantage of engaging in offline learning, allowing them to pursue education from any location..


Content Authoring Tool

Our LMS accommodates the most recent iterations of SCORM, xAPI, and AICC standards, enabling the delivery of dynamic online educational content.


Third-party Integration

LESA LMS offers seamless online learning delivery by enabling integration with various systems, including ERPs, CRMs, AMSs, SIS, HRMS, and an extensive array of applications.



Establish a unique brand identity by utilizing the white-label capabilities of LESA LMS, accompanied by customized mobile apps bearing your brand. This strategy enhances learner retention and enables you to distribute the LMS to partners and affiliates, incorporating your distinctive branding.



Infuse an element of enjoyment into the learning experience by implementing gamification techniques. Recognize users' achievements by granting points, badges, and certificates upon their successful completion of courses or modules.

Our LMS offers the Best in Online Learning

LESA LMS offers a comprehensive and robust suite of online learning tools, encompassing various aspects such as learning delivery, reporting and analytics, online assessments, and certification exams. This all-in-one solution consolidates these features within a single platform for your convenience.

Intuitive user interface

Ensure a user-friendly and intuitive platform that can be easily managed by individuals with limited technical expertise.


Deliver easily digestible and quick-to-learn courses, embracing the simplicity of microlearning akin to performing a Google search.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Personalize the learning experience for each learner by offering them relevant courses based on their roles.

Tin Can/xAPI

Our online LMS platform utilizes xAPI, enabling seamless communication between content and learning platforms to enhance the overall learning experience.

Course Management

Effortlessly create, manage, categorize courses, enroll users, and generate reports promptly, liberating administrators from manual tasks that can be automated..

Advance Reporting

LESA LMS incorporates advanced reporting features that facilitate tracking and assessing the impact of your learning initiatives on your business.